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Battlefield 1: Collector's Edition (PS4)
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PS4 Actionspiel / Electronic Arts / 16 Jahre / onlinefähig / Multiplayer / Singleplayer / Action / PEGI-Freigabe 18 Jahre

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Stand: 30.05.2020
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Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky Collector's Ed...
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Their war has not yet ended... It is Universal Century 0079, at the end of the One Year War between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon. The space colonies of Side 4, or Moore, were previously destroyed by a Zeon attack, and many colonists lost their lives. Side 4 became a shoal zone filled with the wreckage of destroyed colonies and warships, lit by constant flashes of lightning due to collisions between electrified debris. It soon came to be known as the Thunderbolt Sector. The Moore Brotherhood, an Earth Federation Forces unit made up of surviving citizens from Moore, set out to exterminate the Zeon forces in the Thunderbolt Sector in order to reclaim their homeland. To halt the Federation advance, the Zeon forces deployed their own Living Dead Division, which was established to collect combat data on soldiers with prosthetic limbs. Io Fleming, though part of the Moore Brotherhood, hates being tied down by his homeland and family history. Daryl Lorenz, having lost his legs in earlier battles, is now an ace sniper of the Living Dead Division. When they confront each other on the battlefield, they will reach a mutual realization. These two are destined to kill each other. Contains the film on Blu-Ray with both the English dub and the original Japanese track with English subtitles. Presented in Collector's packaging. Extras: Full Film on Blu-Ray Collector's Packaging 5 Artcards Poster

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Stand: 30.05.2020
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Alive AG Navigator - Collector's Edition Elektr...
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Zwei CDs + DVD zum Mid-Preis! Die Collector's Edition enthält das 2005er Album, die limitierten EPs Fallen Hero und Killing Ground, rares Material, Bonus Tracks und das komplette Konzert: live in Montreal 2008 Kinetik Festival.nnFunker Vogt sind zurück mit einer weiteren Collector's Edition. Diesmal handelt es sich um das Album Navigator aus dem Jahr 2005. Diese Edition ist wieder angereichert mit rarem und unveröffentlichtem Material. Zusätzlich gibt es noch eine Bonus DVD mit dem vollständigem Konzert aus dem Jahre 2008 auf dem Kinetik Festival in Montreal. Dies war der letzte Auftritt mit der live Stammbesetzung, mit der Funker Vogt seit 2004 auf den Bühnen der Welt zu sehen war. Des Weiteren gibt's es noch den Original Video-Clip von Fallen Hero, sowie das Making-Of Fallen Hero und das Making-Of zum Fotoshoot für Navigator. TRACKS: Disk 1 1. Killing Ground (Navigator) 2. Fallen Hero (Navigator) 3. No Tomorrow (Navigator) 4. Friendly Fire (Navigator) 5. Navigator (Navigator) 6. House Of Sorrows (Navigator) 7. Thoughts Of A Soldier (Navigator) 8. Stronghold (Navigator) 9. Starfighters (Navigator) 10. Reject (Navigator) 11. The End (Navigator) 12. Für Dich (Navigator) 13. Vorwärts! (Navigator) 14. Controlled Minds (Bonus Track) (Navigator) 15. Fallen Hero (Navigiert) (Bonus Track) (Navigator) Disk 2 1. Fallen Hero (Fallen Hero MCD) 2. Fallen Hero (Jekyll&Hyde-Remix by The Birthday Massacre) (Fallen Hero MCD) 3. Pain (Fallen Hero MCD) 4. Fallen Hero (vereinigt) (Fallen Hero MCD) 5. Fallen Hero (Underwater Pilots-Remix) (Fallen Hero MCD) 6. Our Battlefield (Fallen Hero MCD) 7. Killing Ground (Grabenkrieg Remix) (Killing Ground MCD) 8. Killing Ground (AE4 Remix) (Killing Ground MCD) 9. Navigator (Sonic Seducer Mix) (Rare Or Unreleased) 10. The End (Extended) (Rare Or Unreleased) 11. Navigator (Zillo Mix) (Rare Or Unreleased) 12. Vorwärts (Rare Or Unreleased) Disk 3 1. Fallen Hero (Video-Clip) (Bonus DVD) 2. Making Of Fallen Hero (Bonus DVD) 3. Making Of Navigator Fotoshoot (Bonus DVD) 4. Date of Expiration (Live in Montreal 2008 Kinetik Festival) (Bonus DVD) 5. Child Soldier (Live in Montreal 2008 Kinetik Festival) (Bonus DVD) 6. Black Hole (Live in Montreal 2008 Kinetik Festival) (Bonus DVD) 7. Fortunes of War (Live in Montreal 2008 Kinetik Festival) (Bonus DVD) 8. City of Darkness (Live in Montreal 2008 Kinetik Festival) (Bonus DVD) 9. Maschine Zeit (Live in Montreal 2008 Kinetik Festival) (Bonus DVD) 10. Words of Power (Live in Montreal 2008 Kinetik Festival) (Bonus DVD) 11. Fallen Hero (Live in Montreal 2008 Kinetik Festival) (Bonus DVD) 12. Hostile Waters (Live in Montreal 2008 Kinetik Festival) (Bonus DVD) 13. Gunman (Live in Montreal 2008 Kinetik Festival) (Bonus DVD) 14. Thanatophobia (Live in Montreal 2008 Kinetik Festival) (Bonus DVD) 15. Tragic Hero (Live in Montreal 2008 Kinetik Festival) (Bonus DVD) 16. Killing Fields (Live in Montreal 2008 Kinetik Festival) (Bonus DVD)

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Stand: 30.05.2020
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