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Battlefields als eBook Download von Roderic Sch...
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Battlefields: Roderic Schmidt

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Perilous Days (Brave Hearts) , Hörbuch, Digital...
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Winner of the Catholic Writer´s Guild Seal of Approval Award!As this unforgettable adventure story begins, the quiet life of this peaceful Catholic family is thrown into turmoil by the start of World War II. A Nazi soldier knocks on the door of the farmhouse where teenager Felix Culpa Schmidt lives with his family, including his younger brother, Willy, who is a child with down syndrome. The draft notice is tersely delivered. ´´Report on January 11th and bring your birth certificate.” Felix becomes an unwilling soldier in the German army, forced to serve Adolph Hitler, a man who enacts a plan to kill thousands of ´´useless eaters´´ - citizens who are elderly or disabled, citizens like his brother Willy. Felix and his loyal dog, Rolf, are assigned to rescue wounded soldiers on the battlefield, working closely with a mysterious soldier who reveals shocking secrets. Perilous Days is book one in the Brave Hearts series of books about Catholic heroes and heroines.Historical fiction for listeners ages 9-14. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Ben Stanton. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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